Monday, August 8, 2011

Apple requiring an "innovative, experience of the category-Killer" for potential range low iPhone

Barron, reports on a brief note analyst of RBC markets of capital Mike Abramsky, who shares some of his "points" of a meeting with Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook and Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer.

According to the memorandum, Cook and Oppenheimer continue to believe in a "massive opportunity" for Apple in China, see the potential for significant growth it with the recent explosion of the company at $ 9 billion in annual revenue for the market is only the beginning.

Many consider that the introduction of iPhone low-cost market prepaid to key to the future success of Apple in China and many other countries, and Apple executives have noted that such a device would be "an innovative experience, category-killer". Cook and Oppenheimer obviously does not specifically confirm plans to launch a low-cost iPhone, but it is clear that Apple is working hard to find a way to enter and succeed in this market. They include the fact that Apple has "massive opportunity" in China, with the market "significantly untapped" y despite revenues of the Apple of 9 billion dollars in the country. Despite an "explosion" of devices based on Google (GOOG) "Android" operating system, Apple may retain a competitive advantage through its integration of hardware and software and its "curation" of the "ecosystem of application".

On a low-cost iPhone, Abramsky wrote that "the primary test of Apple to launch iPhone in lower - end is an innovative experience, category-killer."

Other topics of discussion included word that Apple gross margins for the quarter may be better than expected due to currently be a "purchaser of the market" for components and the efforts of the company to settle with the Android phone manufacturers in the many ongoing patent disputes.

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