Thursday, August 25, 2011

Miramax launches app to watch movies on Facebook

miramax-facebook-appFilm studio Miramax on Monday launched a new Facebook application that lets you rent acclaimed movies like Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting and No Country for Old Men.

With 20 titles to rent, the Miramax eXperience app is one of the largest movie streaming apps yet to hit the massively popular social site. It joins other studios like Warner Bros., Paramount and Universal that also allow users to rent and watch movies via Facebook.

Miramax CEO Mike Lang said he sees the Facebook app as just the beginning of a wide-ranging content strategy where users will be able to watch movies on any web platform.

“No question there will be more content and more markets,” Lang said in a blog post. “Our plan is to use this as an enabling platform, including eventually as a digital locker cloud service.”

Users can watch movies on Facebook from the PC, iPad, or Google TV browser. Rentals through the application cost 30 Facebook credits, or $3. Facebook gets to keep one third of the purchase, so Miramax banks $2 for every rental. That amount is higher than what a streaming rental earns through a service like Netflix or Hulu, which usually gives pennies for each stream.

Aside from short movie clips, the app will also soon include a game called Casting Call where you can can cast your Facebook friends as characters from Miramax films.

What do you think of Facebook movie rentals? Do you think many users will use it?

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