Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bunchball gamifies and launches game widgets

Bunchball is trying to “gamify” every web site in the world via tools that make the sites more game-like. To that end, Bunchball is launching ways to make a game out of and add simple goal-oriented games like poker to web sites.

Nitro for uses game-like rewards to motivate sales people, driving up adoption, engagement and performance among sales employees. It integrates with and is scalable and customizable. Nitro has more than 100 customers with millions of users, but the integration is a coup because it is a high-profile cloud-based enterprise service with more than 105,000 customers. Nitro for will be available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

The San Jose, Calif.-based company is also launching Nitro Elements, ?stripped-down version of Nitro that allows site owners to post simple games such as poker through widgets. Web site owners can simply embed the widgets in their web pages and enable users to play games which have site-oriented goals as the rewards. You can, for instance, play online poker directly on the site. If you want to get more poker chips, you have to perform an act that the site owner wants, such as watching a video.

With these simple point solutions, companies can experiment with game mechanics that can be deployed quickly and inexpensively, said Rajat Paharia, founder and?chief product officer at Bunchball. Bunchball has a number of games from the days when it was a social game company. It is taking titles from that library of 30 or so titles and is making them available to customers.

“We learned that some people want some deep gamification and some want it light,” Paharia said in an interview. “We took some best practices and offered a slice of the overall platform with Nitro Elements.”

Nitro?Elements has two different apps available. One is called FanBox, which lets companies reward users for completing actions like tweeting, watching a video or sharing content across Facebook. The app can be deployed in a matter of minutes with little or no technical expertise. FanBox is priced on a usage basis, so marketers only pay when users?take actions.

Also, part of Nitro Elements is GameBox. The?app is designed to help companies increase daily visits, lengthen time spent on the site, and improve monetization via simple online social games like poker. A web site owner can activate it by embedding a snippet of code. Users receive a daily allotment of chips for visiting the site and they can buy additional chips with real money.

“Clearly, social networking has exploded,” Paharia said. “We can take it to everyone.”

Bunchball’s customers include Warner Bros., Comcast, USA Network, LiveOps and Hasbro. The company was founded in 2005 and its investors include Granite Ventures, Triangle Peak Partners, Northport Investments, Correlation Ventures, and Adobe Systems. Bunchball has 40 employees. Rivals include Badgeville and Big Door.

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