Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HTC launching 2 Windows Phone Mango devices Sept. 1

windows-phone-mangoMobile manufacturer HTC will reportedly launch two new Windows Phone devices equipped with Mango, the first huge update to Windows Phone 7, at an event Sept 1.

HTC declined to comment for this story, saying it does “not speak to rumors or speculation about unannounced products.”

The massive Mango update was already rumored for Sept. 1, so the event date makes sense. Mango will offer more than 500 new features, including direct social networking integration, contact groups, live tile notifications, Xbox Live improvements, Bing indoor maps, and Internet Explorer 9 that’s the same as the desktop version rather than a mobile version.

The report from BGR says HTC will show off the HTC Eternity, a Windows Phone featuring a 3.7-inch display bound for AT&T, and the HTC Omega, a Mango device with a whopping 4.5-inch screen that will be released on T-Mobile.

The Mango push will help catch the Windows Phone platform up to iOS and Android and hopefully attract more consumers. The current crop of Windows Phone devices have not done a good job of helping the OS capture market share, with just 1.7 million devices sold worldwide.

Alongside Mango, the Windows Phone ecosystem could see a new surge of support this fall because of two recent major events. First, the Google-Motorola deal could attract more Android manufacturers to build Windows Phone devices because they see Motorola as having priority. Second, HP’s decision last week to stop building hardware for webOS has caused nearly 1,000 webOS developers to look into Windows Phone development.

What do you think of Windows Phone? Do you think it has a bright future?

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