Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Apple releases utility to create the USB of Lion recovery key

Apple today released Lion recovery disk wizard, a utility that allows users to create a partition for recovery of Lion on an external drive or a USB key. Lion recovery allows users to "repair the disk or reinstall OS X Lion without the need for a physical disk.".

To create a collection of external Lion, download the Lion recovery disk wizard application. Insert an external drive, start the recovery Lion Disk Wizard, select the drive where you want to install and follow the screen instructions on.

When the Lion recovery disk wizard completes, the new partition is not visible in the Finder or disk utility. To access the recovery of Lion, restart the computer while pressing the Option. Select recovery HD the Boot Manager.

Lion recovery disk wizard can be downloaded from the Apple support Web site.

The knowledge base of Apple on the utility article notes that in the partition, it creates the same capabilities as the recovery of Lion which is installed during an installation of Lion. However, this partition could be used where a user cannot start the computer from the recovery partition or if the hard disk is replaced. [Users] reinstalls Lion, repair disk using the disk utility, restore a backup Time Machine or browse the web with Safari. This drive can be used when you cannot start your computer with HD integrated recovery, or you replaced the hard disk with a new is not Mac OS X installed.

The document has two final notes:-If the computer shipped with the Lion, the external recovery drive can only be used with the system that created.

-If the system has been improved for Mac OS X Snow Leopard Lion v10.6, the external drive recovery can be used in other systems were upgraded to Leopard Snow Lion.

We already reported that to do a clean install of Lion, Leopard and snow must be installed first. With the creator of partition recovery, there is now an official way to perform an installation without Snow Leopard. Also, this appears to be unnecessary unofficial Lion boot disk creator.

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