Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Apple Phasing Out Magic Mouse to the magic of the Trackpad? [Update: new model?]

Cult of Mac reports that Apple is planning to stop its multi-touch magic mouse in the relatively near future, pushing users to adopt the Magic Trackpad to take full advantage of the new actions included in OS X Lion. The source, which is apparently in the arms of sale at the Apple retail, Apple is not replenishment of stocks of the magic to its stores as mouse they run low. We got the word from a reliable source, previously Apple is abandoning the magic mouse for Magic Trackpad. Our source of detail informed us that Magic Mouse inventory is not be renewed for Apple Store and Apple are finally gradually Magic Mouse.We find this rumour difficult to believe that if Apple plans to introduce a new mouse capable of recording the acts of more advanced in the Lion, as a large number of users prefer highly mouse trackpads for their entry requirements.

Users could surely of third-party solutions for their mouse must move if Apple was indeed to offer only the Magic Trackpad, but it seems plausible that the company would go as far from eliminating its packages of systems based on the mouse, such as the iMac. Apple began offering the option of a Magic Mouse or Trackpad magic in their purchases of iMac, but we believe that many users would be unwilling to be forced to move to a trackpad or having to find a vendor third mouse.

Apple, however, was often before the curve when it comes to termination it seen as obsolete, more recently, with the removal of the optical reader for the Mac mini.

It should also be noted that Apple continues to offer an option for mouse wired as a standalone purchase and delivered with the Mac purchasing Office. Mouse Apple, formerly the Mighty Mouse offers a clickable scroll ball and a touch shell, but is not able to recognize the multi-touch and other gestures. No there was no mention of whether if Apple is also considering phasing out its wired mouse.

Update: in a follow-up report, cult of Mac says now that the magic mouse is not be interrupted and that it is rather to receive a new number, which suggests that the device can receive an update. Our source in the inventory of Apple followed with us, and it seems that Apple has discontinued rather old number part of the magic for a new mouse. This process may indicate an update to the magic mouse, with the more logical prediction is better integration with gestures in OS X Lion.

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