Sunday, August 21, 2011

US Best Buy stops selling TouchPad, HP gives refunds to owners

HP’s massive TouchPad fire sale won’t be hitting US Best Buy stores, as the retailer will be shipping its remaining stock back to HP, Engadget reports.

Even more intriguing, HP is apparently offering refunds to current TouchPad owners who bought the tablet on its website, either for the full price of the tablet or the difference in the discounted fire sale prices, according to WebOSroundup.

HP has also sent out memos to its retail partners to extend their refund offers on the TouchPad. We’ve dropped a line into HP to see how much of this report is true.

Best Buy just recently put up a page detailing its TouchPad return policy, saying that it will now offer returns and refunds for up to 60 days. The retailer also made it clear that it won’t be matching TouchPad prices from elsewhere.

The news is certainly going to disappoint deal hounds who were hoping for US Best Buys to offer the tablet for $100, as Canadian Best Buys did yesterday. VentureBeat’s Regina Sinsky talked to a Best Buy manager yesterday who admitted that the company never had plans to sell the tablet below $300 in the US.

Additional reporting by Regina Sinsky

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