Monday, August 8, 2011

More iPhone parts 5 are fleeing on the future of the official launch

As noted @ chronic, at least a reseller was able to get their hands on another part of the iPhone 5. This time, it's a flex of the iPhone proximity 5 light sensor cable, illustrated above.
We asked Kyle Wiens of iFixit on differences. He noted that the corresponding part of the iPhone 4 (pictured above, right) contains the power button, noise, the cancellation of the light mic and proximity sensors / ambient. The new part of the iPhone 5 did not contain the mic, so it must be placed elsewhere on the iPhone 5.
Previously, we have also seen for 5 leak iPhone dock connector. Thus, while we can build an iPhone 5 and yet, the flight of the individual parts is probably a sign that we get the closest and launch more.
The most recent rumors have the launch of the iPhone in October 5.
Last updated: Kyle also noted that the noise cancellation microphone is also absent from this part on the CDMA iPhone version 4, rather was integrated into the headset jack Assembly. There are still, however, some differences in the relative orientations of the various components included on the iPhone part 5 to 4 GSM or CDMA iPhone framework.

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