Monday, August 8, 2011

MobileMe to iCloud Transition gives you 25 GB storage until 30 June 2012

With the MobileMe to iCloud transition service launched this evening for developers, Apple revealed that it intends to do with the existing MobileMe moving accounts of iCloud.

ICloud and MobileMe accounts are very different, there are some parts that overlap. iCloud will continue to House Mail, Contacts, calendar, bookmarks, find my phone and back to my Mac, while dropping to iWeb Publishing, Gallery and iDisk. During this time, iCloud adds iTunes in the cloud, stream of photos, Documents in the cloud, automatic downloads of applications and books and iOS device backup and restore.

During the period of transition, Apple has promised to hold existing accounts active MobileMe until June 30, 2012. This was not entirely clear, this is how the storage requirements turn over iCloud. The current individual MobileMe customers have 20 GB of storage included in their annual plan.

Apple decided to move this one-to-one over iCloud and signature automatically MobileMe users in terms of level 20 GB (+ 5 GB) in iCloud toll free. We have previously detailed pricing additional storage which is 25 GB of storage at a normal annual cost of US $40 per year iCloud.

Users are automatically registered for recurring billing with the next payment date for the plan to the same date as the rest of MobileMe stops - 30 June 2012. You can choose to retire before that date and not charged.

It is not clear, how an average user will need about iCloud. Apple claims 5 GB "goes a long way." With the loss of the iDisk, individual storage requirements could easily descend with iCloud, but the addition of backups iOS could easily push you the limits of 5 GB free. Apple should run iCloud in the fall alongside iOS 5.

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