Monday, August 8, 2011

Available for some via AppleCare Lion USB keys

Lion USB flash drives are available for customers who are unable to use the recovery tools integrated Lion, according to an internal document of AppleCare obtained by 9to5Mac. The document stresses that "" the ability to use this USB drive depends how the client buys Lion and the only computer they use."" The document does not further details, but it is possible that USB drive don't require new Mac with the functionality of recovery of the Internet.

In addition, these readers not necessarily the same as the thumb drives that apple plans to offer for sale this month for $69. Yet, these USB drives are available.

However, for customers who are difficulty with their facilities of Lion, a visit to an Apple store or a call to 800-APL-CARE can be useful.

It is also possible to make a Lion bootable DVD or USB flash drive installer using a small AppleScript application to automate the process. Some recommend flash instead of the DVD drive, as it would have been much faster to install the operating system in the same way.

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