Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Apple planned for five new stores of retail Saturday

A few weeks, we have noted that Apple has apparently been open more than 30 new stores of retail in the two months, pushing the total of the company to more than 360 at the end of September. While Apple has opened a couple of stores since then, including a new store in Glendale, California, just 500 feet of a location exist, things now seem to be getting into full swing with Apple apparently set to open at least five new stores this Saturday.

The total includes two U.S. stores and three international sites covering, oriented towards the Australia, the Canada and the Italy and represents the largest batch of openings since Apple opened seven stores on 25 September last year.

Apple I Gigli in Florence, Italy retail store (Source: iPhone Italia)
- Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall (Anchorage, Alaska): the new store will be first held Apple in Alaska.

- Place of fashion (Murray, Utah): second store Apple in Utah, the new store covers the portion of southern suburbs on the outskirts of Salt Lake City to complete the store existing business to the level of the gateway in downtown Salt Lake City.

- Southland (Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia): the new store is third location of Apple in the area of Melbourne and the twelfth overall for the Australia.

- Conestoga: Waterloo, Ontario (Canada): 20th retail store of Apple to the Canada, the new location is also remarkable for its placement in the hometown of smartphone rival Research in Motion.

- I Gigli: (Florence, Italy): the new store is sixth Apple Italy and first in the region of Florence, filling a gap between the store in Rome and a series of stores in the North of the Italy the Turin and Milan Bergamo.

The openings of new entrants as Apple continues to move forward with the construction on a number of other stores, and the renovation and expansion of some of its existing stores. The company also including began an upgrade of the plaza and glass cube at his Fifth Avenue in Manhattan flagship store. Earlier today we reported that Apple has released details on the reorganization of the cube, which will see the original design of 90 panes of glass, replaced by a new version with only 15 panels of glass.

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